So how can you choose the most suitable candidates?

By letting professionals take much of the guesswork out of the equation and assist you. Alternatively, you could gamble with the future of your organization.

Value Add Company, collaborated with Adam Milo specializes in assessing candidates’ job fit for various positions and organizations, along with pre-promotion assessment processes for incumbents. With the conclusion of a professional occupational assessment, there is no need for guesswork and one can predict, with high probability, how a prospective employee will fair in his or her new position.

So how can you choose the most suitable candidates?

Types of Assessment:

Full Assessment:

A full assessment comprises a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of all the parameters deemed necessary for a candidate’s success on the job. This kind of assessment is especially advisable when running high chances of recruiting an unfit candidate, when the final candidates for a position are narrowed down to a small number, and when the position at hand is a complex or managerial position. The report summarizes the candidate’s profile and his or her fit to the position and the organization along with a clear recommendation specifying the degree in which the candidate is likely to succeed. In the event of several candidates undergoing a full assessment, we can provide a comparative report analyzing and comparing candidates and recommending the fit candidate.

Partial Assessment

The partial assessment is ideally designed for the initial screening of large volumes of candidates trying out for one position (such as in mass recruitments), as well as for checking the job fit of candidates for specific occupations, such as employees in call centers and sale centers. We tailor partial assessments according to relevant needs and positions. 


Assessment for senior positions:

How are candidates for senior positions assessed?

We have developed the VIP service for assessing candidates for senior positions.

The assessment of high-ranking employees requires the utmost sensitivity and uncompromising discretion. Through our longstanding engagement in this field, we have developed special expertise in assessing and recruiting candidates for senior positions.

Our holistic, in-depth assessment day includes an evaluation of the candidate’s stress management abilities, his or her ability to solve crises, cope with changes, and more. We also offer the possibility of outdoor training as a means to evaluate candidates.

The Silver Ace model presents an additional means to guarantee the senior candidate about to enter his or her new position. The model is an efficient, innovative special tool offered to decision-makers in an organization – both as a screening tool and as an empowering tool for managers on the job and upon assuming their positions.

Our renowned VIP service offered to candidates includes a personal assessor, lunch, a private room, a choice between undergoing testing in a hotel room or in any other location, and the possibility of receiving personal feedback at the end of the process.

Why Us ?

  • Our methodologies are designed to search for the talent market and quickly find the most suitable candidate to match your needs.
  • We develop and monitor strategies and practices to ensure process excellence and innovation.
  • We enhance the attractiveness of your company’s brand through integrated talent attraction strategies and right across the candidate experience.
  • We have the best professional expert advisors in the HR field to support the scoping, deployment, and management of your chosen technology platform.
  • We supply you with analytical reports providing business intelligence to drive sustainable and measurable business measurements.