Talent Assessment Solution

Has your organisation spent time, money, and energy on recruiting and training new employees who either did not measure up or did not stay long enough in the organisation? 

Would you like to find employees who are just right for your organisation, who will progress alongside your organisation towards new personal and professional horizons?

Indeed, a bad hiring decision may entail significant costs estimated at 20% to 200% of an employee’s annual salary, depending on the position. It can be detrimental to growing business to continuously spend on hiring and on boarding new employees.

In this reality, we fulfil a real need for effective recruiting tools that ensure an optimal job fit between prospective employees and your organisation. Enabling a knowledgeable recruiting process, these tools are the first essential step to forming a winning team. It is very appropriate to pinpoint that Value Add Company play a pivotal role to drive transformation to shape the future of Human Resource. The AI based HR Assessment tool (VERITAS) provides more data driven solutions that allow you to craft in-depth reports for checking the skills and adaptability of the candidate. VERITAS – the smart software will bring an avalanche in the Human Resource Industry and HR Software in particular. 


Skill Test

General intelligence and specific skill tests, (technical skills, comprehending instructions, reading financial data and more). 

Every organisation has its own set of skill assessments. And it’s indispensable to test whether a candidate is apt for a particular profile, and ensure that he has the required skills that ought to be possessed by him, and which he claims in his resume. We have designed our skill test in a way that drills the candidate deep down to dissect his competencies so that he can complete the tasks demanded of his position. 

Our Skill Test Reports emphasize on whether or not a candidate is an exceptional leader, a valued team member, and an outstanding contributor in the workplace.


Personality Test

A self-reporting test which provides information on up to 30 character traits relevant to the intended position.

Personality tests are generally conducted at the initial stage of screening the candidate to judge his behavioural compatibility. Through this test we basically assess a candidate’s personality constructs. It is intended to expose certain aspects of the candidate’s personality and to assess the likelihood that he is a perfect fit, and is promising to excel in his job.

The personality test report statistically depicts the Problem-Solving Abilities, Conscientiousness, Decision-Making Abilities, Leadership & Management Abilities, Time & Stress Management, Communication Abilities and Emotional Stability of the candidate.


Integrity Test

The Veritas test which simulates questioning, and
succeeds, using innovative and sophisticated methods.

After a substantial amount of research and thinking our psychologists have designed the test that impedes the counterproductive employees from getting into the organisation, by checking whether the honesty of the potential candidate is acceptable in respect to theft, bribery, violence, computer crimes and addiction (drugs, alcohol, and gambling) etc. Veritas is a decision-supporting tool that is suitable for the initial testing of the applicant`s risk level.


Sample Report