Value Add Company (VAC) collaborated with Adam Milo, a pioneer in the field of Talent Assessment, Development, and Recruitment to bring Veritas – HR Assessment Tool. Value Add Company infuses deep process knowledge with a focused IT approach and pragmatic engineering to deliver an integrated process solution. We build a customized assessment for your organization, taking into account your core competencies and build tests that determine success for your organization. 


Talent Assessment Solutions

Has your organization spent time, money, and energy on recruiting and training new employees who either did not measure up or did not stay long enough in the organization? 

Would you like to find employees who are just right for your organization, who will progress alongside your organization towards new personal and professional horizons?

Indeed, a bad hiring decision may entail significant costs estimated at 20% to 200% of an employee’s annual salary, depending on the position. It can be detrimental to growing business to continuously spend on hiring and on boarding new employees.

In this reality, we fulfill a real need for effective recruiting tools that ensure an optimal job fit between prospective employees and your organization. Enabling a knowledgeable recruiting process, these tools are the first essential step to forming a winning team. It is very appropriate to pinpoint that Value Add Company play a pivotal role to drive the transformation to shape the future of Human Resource. The AI-based HR Assessment tool (VERITAS) provides more data-driven solutions that allow you to craft in-depth reports for checking the skills and adaptability of the candidate. VERITAS – the smart software will bring an avalanche in the Human Resource Industry and HR Software in particular. 

Credit Risk Tool

Credit risks are assessed depending on the overall ability of the borrower to adhere to the original contractual terms of loan repayment. In a data less world Value Add Company creates reliable data through predictive analysis. 

 With Veritas Credit we can:

  • Decrease Bad Debt
  • Classify Credit Applicants 
  • Expand Financial Inclusion

My Career Expert

Already put enough thought in choosing a career, yet skeptical? Let us take away the guesswork with a scientific and data-driven approach. iAM Career tests are designed to help aspirants to meet the profession that matches their passion and also address different strategic purposes across a wide range of sectors. Through tactical and scientifically driven methods the skills are identified and are wired with the most suitable career option you will never regret.