VAC is known for extending the required support to various businesses in order to make full use of the value-added services being provided by the company. VAC has collaborated with a pioneer in the field of HR, Adam Milo.

Adam Milo has been a proud name in the Development and Recruitment industry for over 50 productive years. Our collaboration brings forward the unmatched expertise of Adam Milo working for such a great period of time and the company’s reputation as an innovator in Talent Assessment. Our latest proud associate has built a worldwide presence over this vast span of time and has managed to create a highly motivated and talented team of professional individuals, the number of which goes up to as high as 500. With the perfect use of the cutting edge technology that they own and its unparalleled use when seamlessly woven with the deep methodology functioning like a pillar to the company, Adam Milo emerges as a fine leader.

We at VAC ensure our esteemed and valuable clients to emerge as an unbeatable team together. With our combined services being presented to you as per your company’s distinct requirement, we shall build and effectively manage the most valuable set of assets of your company which shall promise a growth.

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