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Each day we encounter various ads, posts, and links about different types of job roles, but how to decide which one suits us? Before selecting a career it’s advisable to start taking an inventory of the things that excites us from within. There is no shortcut in life, but if we play smart we reduce the expected time to attain the desired output.

Bygone is the time when people stumbled into a job after college, and take whatever they get. The impact of the traditional approach to job analysis and introspection is now proved void as the scope is limited. These ordinary approaches fail to capture the important factors that drive the current demand for the new world, of the service sector. Hence with the transforming world we need an exceptionally outstanding method to define the dream job blueprint.



In this new reality, our iAM Career tests are designed to help aspirants to meet the profession that matches their passion. A lot of us are reluctant to go to a career counsellor when it comes to choosing the right career with the fear of being judged by society. That’s understandable, it’s just human equation, what makes us real. You don’t have to be physically present in front of some psychiatrist wearing thick glasses, the iAM Career test would take care of it.

With 50 years of dedicated and perseverant research and surveys, our psychiatrists have come up with advanced methods, and have thus designed the test keeping intact the industry demand. Our tests are designed to make it fun rather than tedious for the test takers, however, during the test the candidate is kept under close observation. Various parameters are evaluated that revolve around the candidate’s cerebrum. Almost all the sectors are been touched and studied diligently. The test helps individuals to gain clarity on their field of interest via various rounds of scrutiny. Their likes-dislikes, and expectations are aligned together to analyze the inclination of the candidate. Thereafter the data is used to define the relevant career through predictive analysis and artificial intelligence.

iAM Career does a SWOT analysis to figure out the candidate’s current strengths, weaknesses, threats to their goals and opportunities they can reach out and grab if they put their mind to it. Through tactical and scientifically driven methods the skills are identified and are wired with the most suitable career option you will never regret.

Having said that, every job requires a unique set of skills, certain features that are common in each job role such as communication, self-management, self-belief, teamwork, and problem solving, but some profiles need it on an urgent basis while others are lenient. Hence these parameters along with the others are categorized in the form of case studies and are pinpointed spectacularly in the reports.

Last but not the least, it’s always important to know a little about a lot. There are alternative career options that could be a good match that you might have not thought of yet! We all have tremendous potential, and we all are blessed with gifts. Yet, the one thing that holds all of us back is some degree of self-doubt. It is not so much the lack of technical information that holds us back, but more the lack of self-knowledge. Enrol in our iAM Career Test and find how we can help you stay proactive towards the best career option for you.

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