Make Smarter & Safer Hiring Decisions

Talent Assessment Software Suite

For over 50 years Adam Milo had been a leader & innovator in Talent Assessment, Development & Recruitment.
With over 500 professionals, world-wide presence, and combination of deep methodology and cutting edge technology, we’ve helped thousands of companies to perform better through optimizing their most valuable asset – people. We have partnered with Adam Milo keeping in mind the human resource development which will give this world a better transparency to choose right people.


  • Skills tests
    General intelligence and specific skill tests, (technical skills,
    comprehending instructions, reading financial data and more).
  • Personality test
    A self-reporting test which provides information on up
    to 30 character traits relevant to the intended position.
  • Trustworthiness/Integrity test
    The Veritas test which simulates questioning, and
    succeeds, using innovative and sophisticated methods.


  • CV management system that enables effective work,
    storing information and management strategies
    for recruitment.
  • Automatically resumes receiving and construction
    of candidate cards, Facilitates the entire recruitment
  • Produces comparative reports and detection
    of candidates on the basis of job shedding.